Wednesday, 25 August 2010

“An interview with…………….Janet Berry”

MM: What names do you go by?
JB: Janet Berry or JAB

MM: And your business name?
JB: Just a ‘hobbyist’, However Catering is my line of work, sometimes makes cakes at work or at home, no family to consider Just Mike, who will always give his honest opinion.

MM: What’s your location?
JB: Lake district

MM: Where did we first meet?
JB: On the BSG then have met up at the NEC for the past 3 years

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
JB: Flowers with ATTITUDE

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
JB: On the BSG and here on Facebook

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
JB: Started Sugarcraft at the early age of 9, my mum went to nightschool to learn, and she used to come home and start to do her homework and i used to take over, I shall never forget piping thousands of Forget me Not for a crinoline lady cake. Then I went to college to do my City and Guilds in Catering and Sugarcraft, then left it for a few years but just did the odd cake for family and the kids at work, its only been the past 3 years i have taken it up again

MM: Where did you learn?
JB: Mum, College and had a lovely tutor called Kathleen Metcalf, Now i am with Ann Parker and the " Twiddle and Stick club" and you will be able to see our table at the NEC this year, also demming in " The taste of Sugar" area.!!

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
JB: Yes my mum, and my garden xx

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
JB: Nope nothing, if something turns up that’s fine, but i am not going out looking for it. I do teach the kids at work and some of the work they produce is just fantastic.

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
JB: lol, Where do i start, I love it when things go to plan, i hate lining the tins, and i hate it when you get air bubbles in your icing, and if a petal is not in the right place, Oh dear i could go on and on and on!!!!! lol

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
JB: First competition i entered was at the NEC 2 years ago and i got a merit, then I entered Harrogate and got a 2 silvers and best in class, Oh I also won a book at school for decorating a cake!!!
MM: And I hear you’re having another go at the NEC again this year, good luck!!

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and where do you get your design ideas from?
JB: Ideas from all over, but mostly my cakes are plain and simple, I just like the flowers to have the spot light.

MM: Have you ever experienced anything interesting/useful you could tell us about another countries cake culture?
JB:I do live in my own little world sometimes!!!! does that count
MM: Er no……………………hahahahaha

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
JB: Yes take your time, don't rush out and buy equipment, you will only buy the wrong things, experiment, if making flowers don't make them flat, a flower in a garden has attitude and so should sugar flowers, and remember, when someone wants a cake you are doing them a favour, not the other way round, so charge the right amount and don't give your time away!!!!

MM Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
JB: You really don't want me to start to tell you as i could talk all night !!!!!!
MM: Awwwwww go on………………..