Friday, 24 April 2009


flyingbutterfly, originally uploaded by Mystical Mischief.

Video step-by-step on you tube on how to make this butterfly

cats and butterfies

cats and butterfies, originally uploaded by Mystical Mischief.

Think I got a little carried away with this one , really enjoyed doing the cats and wanted to cover the whole board and cake in butterflies and flowers. I broke loads of the butterflies and then looked at the cake and there was far to much happening for my liking so went round and flicked aload of flowers off, still think it looks a little cluttered but happier now


gogo's, originally uploaded by Mystical Mischief.

For my son who's going to be 8 on tuesday but is celebrating over the weekend with his cousins and family. Chances are you may not even know what 'Gogo's' are, but my son is mad about collecting them at the moment. They're 99p a packet and you get 3 little plastic figures and 3 stickers to put in your sticker book. We're on series 3 at the moment and the theme is explorers.

This cake was taken from the last theme of the sticker book, the city. I thought it was great colours and would translate well into a cake.

The cake is an 8" cake with and oval cut out of it and placed on the top. The 'stickers' are flowerpaste and rice paper, and the buildings are modelling paste that have been airbrushed. I modelled the big gogo, but the small ones are the actual plastic ones you buy