Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Face Book and Video's

After the launch of my Face Book group 'Mystical Mischief's Mad House' I'm so very pleased to say that there's been lots of interest and new members, 120 to date in less then a week, I would never have thought it! There's plenty of interesting things going on there, register your vote on new projects in the pipe line, videos that are complete and are not in 2 parts making the viewing of them easier, and interviews with other sugarcrafters. These interviews will be removed from the Face book group and replaced with a new interview every 2 weeks, the old interview will then come here for safe keeping.

Also uploaded to the 'Mad house' is a new video "The fall of a rock star!" The second NEC cake from 2009 going to the gallows. Whilst my favourite cake gets dimantled I'll explain to you just what techniques I used to make the GOLD award winning cake, and hopefully give you a few tips and a little insight into how to construct something similar.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Face book friends

After a long debate I've finally made a face book group were we can hang out and drink cyber tea and eat plenty of cyber cake. Come join in and feel free to post any pictures of cakes that may have been Mischievously inspired, or if your stuck on a technique browse thorough the discussion board there maybe a tip to help you through ,if not then ask "How do I.........?"


Sunday, 13 June 2010

2 cakes from this week

The first cake is a 25th wedding anniversary for a couple that despite having completely different interests are still getting along great. He loves sports with cricket, golf, football and running being his favourite, she loves shopping, shoes and wine. They wanted a humorous cake that also acknowkledged the way they met, this being at a cricket match. So with all these elemants in mind and knowing that they'd like a modern/trendy cake, I double boarded it with the second board placed on a tilt using a wedge, and tried to incorporate the fact that it was a silver wedding anniversary by making a charm braclet of the interests. Was very pleased how this one turned out, it's just a shame you can't see the cake on it's tilt. Quite a large cake at 10" rd & 4" deep

The second cake is for a gentleman who loves his bowls, unussual dimentions 5" by 20" meant that a board had to be made especially for it, but other then that pretty straight forward.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Proud mum!

After a great holiday in Kent, I'm back home with my boys feeling extremely proud! On Saturday we visited the Rochester 'Dicken festival' in our re-enacting attire to join in the festivities. The boys looked fantastic, my hubby was made up to the nines including fake scars and dirt, and the young uns muckied and tied with string so's not to lose our valuables, after all a chimney sweep and burgular were very high commodities back in the day!! lol

Joel and hubby were asked to enter the 'Best Character' competition, so entered as Bill Sykes and Oliver Twist, and to our suprise won 1st prize!! Joel was thrilled as, in his words, doesn't win anything, awww.

The papers were also about covering the event and today the local rag had my youngest son Adam, and his best friend scarlet on the front cover, looking like butter wouldn't melt in there mouths. Adam was busting with pride, and had a grin on his face from ear to ear, and to be honest so do I, I'm so proud of them all!