Monday, 15 November 2010

2011 Workshops


6th February
Cake Carving - "Wonky Cake"
Taking you through basic cake carving techniques and modelling with this simple but extremely effective farm animal design.

20th March
Modelling - "Baby Cake"
A cute baby model and cake design, ideal for christening's and naming ceremonies.

1st May

Cake Carving - "Mini Car Cake"
Learn carving techniques that can be applied to any make or model of car or caravan.

12th June
Modelling - "Ragdolls"
A great workshop which will guide you step-by-step to making a girl AND boy ragdoll.

24th July
Cake Carving - "Sleeping Dragon"
Shhhh don't wake the dragon. Find out how easy this design actually is and create your own sleeping dragon.

4th September
Modelling - "Interior Designer"
Learn the techniques needed to bring character to your models whilst making this popular, interior designer model.

16th October
Cake Carving - "Teddy Bears"
Taking you through basic cake carving techniques and modelling with this fluffy teddy and topper.

4th December
Modelling - "Christmas model"
Learn the techniques needed to bring character and humour to your models.

Each workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of the materials used and the confidence to attempt the techniques in your own home or business.
The workshops are kept small (no more then 10 students) to ensure you get quality attention.

All materials are supplied and you'll be able to help yourself to drink and snacks throughout the session. The only thing not supplied is your lunch!

The workshops are held between 10am and 4pm at the Church Hall in the Village of East Huntspill, Nr Highbridge, Somerset. TA9 3PJ.


one day modelling workshop - £50 per person

one day cake carving workshop - £65 per person
Receive a 10% Discount for 2 or more, seperate workshops booked at the same time, per person.

Groups and Guilds Workshops are £30 per person, plus mileage at 25p/mile (minimum 8 people). You will also need to bring your own materials and will be provided with a list of items required.

An Interview with.........Joanne Foster

MM: What names do you go by?
JF: I have a Facebook Group called ‘Cakes …Cakes … Cakes’ where I have pictures of all the cakes I have made so far. Otherwise I am just known as plain & simple ‘Joanne Foster’ (but everyone calls me Jo)

MM: And your business name?
JF: I’m not set up as a business yet, but I have been in discussions with my local council and hope to set up some time next year.

MM: What’s your location?
JF: I live in Portslade, which is just outside of Brighton on the South Coast – about 5 mins from the beach!

MM: Where did we first meet?
JF: Unfortunately we haven’t met face to face yet, but we have been in contact via your Facebook Group. But I really do hope to meet you one day soon so I can personally thank you for all the help and advice you have given me.

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
JF: I can’t say I specalise, as I’ve only being dong this since March last year – (I’ve only made about 25 cakes so far), but I do love making flowers and trying to get them as life-like as possible. Socially, I am also into Rock ‘n Roll, and so any cake with a R’nR theme really excites me – I made a cake for a R’nR friend which white with a hand painted leopard skin stilletoe shoe on the top with a red rose inside, and a hand painted leopard skin bow around the bottom and red cherries around the side (sounds yuk if you are not into that kind of thing, but it looked great and its one of my favourites so far!

MM: I see you’ve posted this cake, I think it’s a stunning cake, I love it!!
MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
JF: All I have is my Facebook group called ‘Cakes … Cakes … Cakes’ but as soon as I am registered with the Council & HMRC I will set up a web site. I have some pics on Flickr under Joanne Foster, but I don’t think anyone has ever looked at them. LOL!!!!

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
JF: I started in March last year - my husband’s family is very close and we get together regularly. It was my brother-in-law’s 50th Birthday and we were having a party for him & it was my job to sort out the birthday cake. I looked on the internet to get some ideas for a really spectacular cake that I could order and found a picture of a fabulous two tier chocolate and white wedding cake covered in chocolate and white roses and decided that was the one I wanted. I looked more closely at the roses and wondered if I could make them myself so I surfed the net to see how to make roses and experimented a bit with a pack of fondant icing and they came out ok, so I ended up making the whole cake. My brother in law loved it so much that he wouldn’t let us cut it. He took it home and covered it in some sort of preservative and we’ve never seen it since. That was in March last year – it has probably gone green now by now, grown legs and run away!

MM: Where did you learn?
JF: I’m self-taught via the internet and books. I did a 10 week beginners decorating course in Portslade which was very basic, and I also had a few lessons with Pat Ashby who lives nearby in Hove and runs small groups at her home.
MM: Ooooo Pat Ashbey eh? I am jealous…….

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
JF: Everyone! Everybody has their own creative touch or ideas and I find inspiration from every cake I look at, whether it be a border design, a style of character, a shape of a cake, a way of using colours – the list is endless! I have just bought Eddie Spence’s book (he is one of the cake decorators to the Royal Family) and his piping is absolutely amazing. He gave a demonstration at our local Sugarcraft Guild which I missed, and apparently he was brilliant to watch.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
JF: I hope to get myself up and running as a business next year, but this will be purely in addition to my full-time job. My dream though, would be to eventually have a small shop where I can make my cakes, with glass displays mounted on the walls filled with beautiful wedding cakes and sugarcraft flower sprays.

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet
JF: I’ll start with the least favourite - I HATE HATE HATE cleaning up the mess and crumbs from levelling and shaping cakes. However careful you are, you end up with crumbs everywhere, and there always seems to be so much waste – if anyone has any tips for cooking a cake that comes out lovely and level, I would LOVE to hear from you!

MM: Could be your oven temperature, try lowering it slightly, it will take a little longer to cook but should stop the middle peaking. You could also try putting a whelt in the middle of the mix when you put it in the tin as this also gives it room to rise ;O)
JF: As for favourite parts of sugarcraft – I love trying out new things, whether its making new flowers, making a new type of paste, or trying out a new skill. I also love looking back at my original drawings and comparing them to the photos of the finished cakes and seeing how an idea on paper suddenly transformed into a real cake.

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get
JF: No not yet! I have loads of ideas that I would like to experiment with, and I look at the competitions to try to see how I could adapt my ideas to fit the criteria, but I think I am still a long way off yet. I’m still on such a huge ‘high’ with my cake decorating, and the thought of being brought back down to earth with an almighty bump is something I don’t think I am quite ready for at the moment. But once I feel a bit more confident I may give it a go.

MM: Definitely give it a go, I for one, would love to see your ideas, I’m sure you’d do well.
MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
JF: No, I don’t have a signature cake/style - of the few cakes I have made, each one has been so different that I haven’t yet been able to find something that I do that is unique to me. As for cake ideas, I surf the internet, books & magazines for inspiration – wedding websites are always interesting. I buy lace and material from fabric shops and try to replicate pretty designs that could be used on cakes. Whenever I go into shops I am always looking for anything that could be used or adapted as a cake decorating tool. Even my husband looks out for things for me as well!

MM: Do you live outside the UK? Have you anything interesting/useful you could tell us
about your countries cake culture?
JF: No, I live in the UK, but while I was in Spain recently on holiday I did look to see whether making cakes over there would be a viable business venture if ever we were to move there. It could certainly be done if you could find catering premises with air conditioning. Loads of people go over there for stag and hen weekends, or celebrate birthdays and anniversaries while they are on holiday, and there doesn’t really seem to be anywhere that you can buy a proper traditional english iced cake from (at least from the part we visited). Considering there are so many ex-pats over there, I’m sure they would love the opportunity to be able to order a good old english birthday cake!

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just
starting to explore sugarcraft?
JF: As far as experience goes, unfortunately I don’t really have any tips yet, except practice practice practice – you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Look up cake decorating on You Tube – it always helps to actually see something being made rather than just reading about how to do it, as it can be very confusing. But most of all, just enjoy it!

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
JF: A lot of sugarcraft has stuck to me – but that’s another story! No, I can’t say that I have any particular stories as yet, but I do know that everyone I have spoken to or contacted who does sugarcraft, seem to be really genuine people who have a true love of what they do, and are willing to share their experience and tips with those who are learning - and that is something of a rarity these days.

NEC Results!!!

Class G - Novelty Sculpted cake (all edible) GOLD and 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!
Class F - Novelty decorated cake (all edible) GOLD and 3rd place
PME live final - 2nd!!! woohoo

Thursday, 14 October 2010

November workshop date change!

Due to unforseen circumstances, the date for the November workshop is now the 28th, subject: Santa's helpers.

At least we get a little more time now to recover from the NEC!! lol

Monday, 20 September 2010

“An interview with...........Suzanne Mawhinney”

MM: What names do you go by?
SM: Suzanne Mawhinney or suzannem

MM: And your business name?
SM: I trade as Cakes by Suzanne, and work from home. I find that cakes have taken over more of the house than I would like, I also have five children between the ages of 4 and 13 and a husband who has of necessity learnt how to dowel and stack cakes. He’s also very useful for delivering the heavy stacked cakes and could probably bake and iced them if he would try!

MM: What’s your location?
SM: Templepatrick, not far from Belfast, Co Antrim (Northern Ireland)

MM: How do you know me?
SM: From the BSG Forum – where I have met so many lovely cake people who understand how I think (about cakes, mainly)!

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
SM: I do a bit of everything, I love modelling and character work but am gradually being persuaded that flowers can be nice too!

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
SM: ok, here goes
MM: Blimey suzanne, you get about a bit! ;O) lol

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
SM: I’ve always loved baking and decorating cakes and it has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. When my youngest son was born I decided not to go back to full-time employment (I had worked full time whilst the other four were small and now feel I missed out on so much, but we needed the money). I initially returned to work part-time and started baking cakes during my days at home and it has really all taken off from there!

MM: Where did you learn?
SM: I am mostly self-taught, I did do a hobby class one evening per week for several months to learn new techniques mostly relating to flowers as I’m not really ‘into’ flowers and find it hard to make good, botanically correct ones. I have hundreds of cake decorating books and have spent hours looking over them and have never been afraid to experiment – if it goes wrong I learn so much for the next time!

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
SM: I have been inspired by Lindy Smith and love her books. It was her books that mainly gave me the confidence to try out new things for myself, I love the fact that she’s self-taught and she has introduced modern design to cakes. Some of her designs are quite
busy though, sometimes I prefer simpler styles but her designs are innovative and fun.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
SM: I am very busy creating bespoke wedding cakes so I have already fulfilled my ambitions to do this and I would love to eventually have a large sugarcraft supply warehouse with workshop facilities where people can come to learn – if I could get the right premises I would be keen to implement this but will keep you posted! Any suppliers in my area are small shops, sometimes not dedicated solely to sugarcraft and they only keep a small range, I would like to stock a full range of products and also show people how to use them. Maybe not me personally (I’m not good at demonstrating), but if the interest was there maybe people such as Mystical Mischief would consider sharing their talents in this part of the world!
MM: Ooo that's sounds brilliant, I'd definately be interested if you thought it would pull people in :O)

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
SM: No pet hates as such, I love baking and decorating the cakes but find the torting, filling and covering a bit of a chore – its not something I look forward to or enjoy very much but it has to be done and its quite satisfying when its done well. My favourite bit is when I have just finished a cake and step back to look at it and its EXACTLY how I envisaged it would be – its so fulfilling to be able to create something that you’re happy with and you know you couldn’t have made it any better. Doesn't happen often though!

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
SM: I’m not a competitive person and with no formal training I would be unsure of the standard required – its just not something I have ever considered.

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?:
SM: No signature style as such – I do remember a bride saying she had chosen me to make her wedding cake as all my cakes were different – not the same cake in a different colour, so I suppose there is something to be said for variation! I love the design process, sometimes I see another designer’s cake and like certain elements which I can then customise to my style or, more often inspiration comes from all around me – patterns, designs and colours in the ‘real’ world which I can just see working in a cake! For wedding cakes I incorporate details from other elements of the day – dress, colours, flowers, decorations, any particular interests or hobbies the couple have or something that’s unique to them.

MM: Have you anything interesting/useful you could tell us about your countries cake culture?
SM: In Northern Ireland we’re part of UK but I’m sure every region has their variations – just can’t think of anything unique!
MM: What about this biscuit cake I've heard about? Maybe you pop something about that into the '101 interestingthings about cake' thread, on the discussion board ;O)

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
SM: Experiment and practice – the worst that can happen is that it won’t turn out how you’ve planned it but you will learn so much from attempting and when it does work you will be so proud of the result – almost as good as winning the lottery. Don’t think for one moment that your friends and family will share your excitement though, you have to be a ‘cakey’ person to understand what its all about!

You don’t always have to follow other peoples instructions either, if you can see a better way of achieving the same result – go for it!

MM: What interesting stories have you got about sugarcraft.
SM: When my youngest son was little I used to sit and make decorations whilst keeping an eye on him. Just before Christmas when he was about 9 months old I had spent ages making and wiring dozens of sugar holly berries and left them on the table to dry. Something happened that I had to leave the room for no more than a couple of minutes and when I came back there wasn’t a single berry left on wire – he had climbed up and pulled down the piece of oasis that was holding them and ate every one! He kindly reached me the wires, though. I wasn’t sure what that amount of food colouring would do to him but thankfully he suffered no ill effects. I did learn my lesson though – never, ever leave your sugar items unattended when Ben's around!
MM: Leaving powders out is also a killer!!! lol

Thanks Suzanne :O)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Elvis Presley

This week's been a busy week, I've had a dem and 3 cakes to do (still working on one), good job the kids are now back to school or I'd have been pulling my hair out!!

Design wise though, the first 2 cakes have been easy as one was yet another VW campervan (didn't take a finished picture) and the second was basically a copy of this Elvis cake . The lady literally presented me with the a print out of the flickr page and said she wanted that. So I looked up the picture and found that it was made by a lady that I'd spoken to previously, as she'd done a copy of my ben10 cake and I'd complemeted her on the likeness. So when I asked if it was ok to do it she was very happy for me to, I also found it funny that they're next to eachother on her flickr album (I know small things )

I didn't copy the model exactly and decided to do it my way, I think the fact that I'm not really an Elvis fan stopped me getting entusiastic about making him, and I found it hard to get motivated, and is probably why he's a slighty fat Elvis , then my PC broke and I couldn't do a print out of what he looked like so had to do it from memory, still not checked now

But once it was done I was so so pleased with him, and I must admit I was a little reluctant to part with him, which doesn't happen that often

Monday, 6 September 2010

"An Interview with.........Denise Banks"

“An interview with...........Denise Banks”

MM: What names do you go by?
DB: Denise banks aka Esmesmum MM: And your business name? DB: The Cake Bank

MM: What’s your location?
DB: Warrington area

MM: Where did we first meet?
DB: I met your lovely self via the BSG forum and then at Cake International in 2009

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
DB: I particularly enjoy modelling and making nice simply classical cakes.

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
DB: You can see my work on my website or on my facebook pages.

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
DB: I have been doing sugarcraft since 2005 when I paid a ridiculous amount of money for Esmes christening cake. I realised that I could do better for a lot less too!

MM: Where did you learn?
DB: I am mostly self taught but have taken lessons from Windsorcake craft and of course the BSG forum/Bolton branch.

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
DB: Inspiration, difficult one but I adore the work of Lorraine McKay and our very own Elaine.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
DB: I only started this to make my kids cakes but hope that one day I could be good enough to teach! Although, I do find myself looking at vacant premises and dreaming.........

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates? DB: I do not like doing carved cakes but am trying to get over that particular hurdle.

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
DB: Not plucked up the courage to enter competitions yet. Do you reckon I should???
MM: Er YES!!!

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
DB: I like to think that people are impressed with some of my modelling attempts. I do like to do classy uncluttered cakes too. Which are much more difficult than throwing flowers all over them!

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
DB: My top tip would be to just have a go, you never know where it might lead you. Oh and buy ready cuttin liners from Lakeland - a god send

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
DB: Make sure that you cut your dowels/spaghetti to the right size for your figures or else they might pop through the heads just when you don't expect it!

Free How-to video - Lettered Baby Blocks

I know christening and baby cakes are always received well and it occured to me the other day whilst making one, that maybe a step-by-step on the blocks that I was making might just come in handy.

So here it is, enjoy! :O)

DVD Preview

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Gloucester BSG Demo

September 7th, 7.30pm (Tuesday) - Gloucester BSG branch, Lysons Hall, St Swithins Lane, Hempsted, Gloucester. GL2 5LW

Subject: Cake Sculpting

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Couple of 2 tiered cakes this week, the first an anniversary cake for a repeat customer. I've done this model before standing with a mini car, the daughter wanted him again (only slightly more portly, lol) with his wife wearing drainpipe jeans and chequed shirt. The cake it's self is not actually my design, although the colours have been changed. Credit to the designer, only I don't know who it was (sorry).

Close up of the couple :O)

An oldie but goody. I've done this one several times now and I think this ones models and bricks are the best yet.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

“An interview with…………….Janet Berry”

MM: What names do you go by?
JB: Janet Berry or JAB

MM: And your business name?
JB: Just a ‘hobbyist’, However Catering is my line of work, sometimes makes cakes at work or at home, no family to consider Just Mike, who will always give his honest opinion.

MM: What’s your location?
JB: Lake district

MM: Where did we first meet?
JB: On the BSG then have met up at the NEC for the past 3 years

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
JB: Flowers with ATTITUDE

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
JB: On the BSG and here on Facebook

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
JB: Started Sugarcraft at the early age of 9, my mum went to nightschool to learn, and she used to come home and start to do her homework and i used to take over, I shall never forget piping thousands of Forget me Not for a crinoline lady cake. Then I went to college to do my City and Guilds in Catering and Sugarcraft, then left it for a few years but just did the odd cake for family and the kids at work, its only been the past 3 years i have taken it up again

MM: Where did you learn?
JB: Mum, College and had a lovely tutor called Kathleen Metcalf, Now i am with Ann Parker and the " Twiddle and Stick club" and you will be able to see our table at the NEC this year, also demming in " The taste of Sugar" area.!!

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
JB: Yes my mum, and my garden xx

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
JB: Nope nothing, if something turns up that’s fine, but i am not going out looking for it. I do teach the kids at work and some of the work they produce is just fantastic.

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
JB: lol, Where do i start, I love it when things go to plan, i hate lining the tins, and i hate it when you get air bubbles in your icing, and if a petal is not in the right place, Oh dear i could go on and on and on!!!!! lol

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
JB: First competition i entered was at the NEC 2 years ago and i got a merit, then I entered Harrogate and got a 2 silvers and best in class, Oh I also won a book at school for decorating a cake!!!
MM: And I hear you’re having another go at the NEC again this year, good luck!!

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and where do you get your design ideas from?
JB: Ideas from all over, but mostly my cakes are plain and simple, I just like the flowers to have the spot light.

MM: Have you ever experienced anything interesting/useful you could tell us about another countries cake culture?
JB:I do live in my own little world sometimes!!!! does that count
MM: Er no……………………hahahahaha

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
JB: Yes take your time, don't rush out and buy equipment, you will only buy the wrong things, experiment, if making flowers don't make them flat, a flower in a garden has attitude and so should sugar flowers, and remember, when someone wants a cake you are doing them a favour, not the other way round, so charge the right amount and don't give your time away!!!!

MM Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
JB: You really don't want me to start to tell you as i could talk all night !!!!!!
MM: Awwwwww go on………………..

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mother & Sons reunion

A freebie cake that I did for my sister. My BIL has never really known his mum, as she lost touch with him and his 2 brothers when he was 4yrs old.

He thought she'd probably died as his dad was quite old and they'd lost him a few years ago, but a few months back his nephew (who he didn't realise he had) contacted him on Facebook and he found his mum. They've talked on the phone and visited her once, but this week they came up to meet the rest of his family, so my sister asked me to do a cake.

Was a little tricky as BIL's brothers don't want anything to do with her so couldn't make any reference to them on the cake, so I came up with a kinda before and after theme of the 2 of them and made one of those heart necklaces that 2 people wear when they're appart, it reads "Love always"

Tried to give the models a 70's feel, but I'm not sure I pulled it off, shame you can't see their feet, she's got sandles and he's barefoot

Sunday, 8 August 2010

"An interview with..............Cheryl Morrison"

MM: What names do you go by?
CM: Cheryl Morrison or Chez on the BSG forum

MM: And your business name?
CM: Too Nice To Slice, at present I work from home. Like most cake decorators we don't make enough money to warrant paying rent etc on shop premises. I do find it difficult when I am working on a cake and it is taking forever, then the family come home and I have to stop what I am doing and make some space so I can prepare tea. Cakes take over the house as there is so much equipment and then there are the dummy cakes scattered around the house, taking up every available shelf space.

MM: What’s your location?
CM: Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

MM: Where did we first meet?
CM: I found MM on the BSG forum, we haven't met yet, but I hope we will meet at some point. I think her work is amazing, very inspirational!
MM: I’m sure we will, my OH and I met in Lytham St Annes. Be nice to take the kids there one day to show them the lights and visit the nice Patisserie they’ve got there ;o)

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
CM: I enjoy creating all types of cakes but my passion is wedding cakes I love the elegance of them. I think sugarcraft is a very under rated and under valued skill. I don't think many clients appreciate the hours and skills that go into creating a bespoke design.

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
CM:; I also have a Too Nice To Slice face book page

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
CM: I first learnt about sugarcraft when I attended catering college back in '82.

MM: Where did you learn?
CM: I attended W.R. Tuson college in Preston from 1982-1984 and sugarcraft classes were a part of the 2 year course. Over the years I dipped in and out, attended a couple more courses but never really had a passion for it. Then in 2006 I moved to Cyprus and was in need of something to do to fill my time & earn some money. I soon realised there was a huge wedding market and no bespoke cake designers. This is when I really became excited about sugarcraft. I ran the business in Paphos for 3 years before returning to the UK in 2009.

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
CM: I admire so many peoples work, mostly people I have come to know from the BSG forum, who aren't necessarily in the media. Mystical Mischief of course for the amazing rock cake and, The-Dinosaur (her knowledge knows no limits), Aine-2 (models), Peapod Lucy's outstanding Koy carp wedding cake just blows me away every time I look at it. Alan Dunn and all the people that produce amazing flowers. There are too many to mention and if I go on I am bound to upset someone by leaving them out. Obviously unless your a member of the BSG message forum you wouldn't know who these people are but they are legends to us in the sugarcraft world lol!

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
CM: I have recently taken the plunge and I am about to open a small patisserie. By doing this I will be able to have all my cakes on display and I hope to get a lot more wedding cake orders which is what I love the most. I will be running some workshops from the shop though nothing too indepth, more for fun and as an introduction into the craft. I still feel I have so much to learn and I am constantly updating my own skills. I would like to enter competitions but I don't know where to find the time. I have an idea for a cake I would like to do for the NEC this year, maybe I will manage it?

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
CM: I love the sense of satisfaction when a project is complete and it always becomes my new favourite! I hate rolling out marzipan, it hurts my wrists.

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
CM: Not yet, watch this space!
MM: I’ll hold you to that, lol

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
CM: I don't think I have a design style, though I would love to create one. I find inspiration everywhere, other cake designers, magazines, internet etc, and my 10 year old daughter very often comes up with fabulous designs. I have lots of ideas running around my head unfortunately clients budgets very rarely allow me to make them a reality.
MM: That’s the point of competitions, they’re a great opportunity to express your ideas and stretch your skills, all you have to do is fit them into a certain criteria, which ussually arn’t too limiting (size and materials mainly). I’ll expect to see you at the NEC then this year??????

MM: What are your experiences of other countries sugarcraft cultures?
CM: As I mentioned earlier I ran a wedding cake business in Paphos for 3 years. I have lots of stories, too many to tell here, Maybe I should write a book! One thing that I learnt is that high altitude affects a cake mix. For the last year I was there we lived at the top of a high mountain (not great for transporting cakes either) My first order in this house was for a 3 tier chocolate cake. I put the 6" & 8" into the ovens and I couldn't believe how they were overflowing out of the tins. It was like a volcanic eruption. When i took the cakes out of the oven they then collapsed. For various reasons the lower air pressure affects the cake mix. It took me a few more goes before I realised I needed to reduce the raising agent slightly and add a little more liquid.

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
CM: Join the British Sugarcraft Guild, the information and support available is invaluable.

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
CM: I have quite a few from my days in Cyprus which invariably involve mountainous roads full of pot holes and incredibly hot weather. I think I willl save them for the book though :-)
MM: Oh can’t wait, put me down for a copy :o)

Fishing for Sharks?!!

I did the topper for this one last week as I knew I didn't have a lot of time today to do this cake. Baked in a bowl and covered, as is.

I have to thank Chelle Wilson for letting me use her idea of the shadow for the shark, loved it when I saw it on her cake. She'd asked me for help with her design and after sent me a photo, which i thought was great! and on it she'd come up with this light gem of an idea!! so simple yet effective, the kind that I like, hahahaha

Saturday, 31 July 2010

First DVD goes on sale!!!

The Launch of my first DVD "A Guide to Sugarcraft Modelling : Teddy Bear and Cuddly Rabbit" happens tomorrow at the Exmouth BSG Sugarcraft Exhibition.

It's the first in a series that will be released over the next 12 months. I'm so excited but full of trepidation, hoping that it's well received.


“Elaine Thomas, aka Mystical Mischief to the online community, debuts her first ‘How to’ DVD, “A guide to sugarcraft modelling: Teddy Bear and Cuddly Rabbit”.

In this 2 disc DVD Elaine starts by taking you through basic modelling materials, tools and techniques that beginners will find invaluable. Next she shows us how to model a teddy bear, then completes the project by including a refreshing design idea to compliment the model.

In disc 2 Elaine guides us through a cuddly rabbit being made then gives us another classic cake design idea to include the cute topper.

But that’s not all! Bonus material has been thrown in to include, ‘Basic shapes’, ‘Colouring paste’, making ‘Buttons’ and ‘Photographing your cake’.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sugarcrafter you’ll want to know, just how to model the mischievous way!”

Friday, 23 July 2010

"An interview with...........Kathryn Kelly"

MM: What names do you go by?
KK: Kathryn Kelly (chalet fan on the BSG forum)

MM: And your business name?
KK: Kathryn’s Cakes. I work from home around a 3 year old.

MM: What’s your location?
KK: Worcester

MM: Where did we first meet?
KK: I knew your work from the NEC – Cake 2008 my Novelty Cake was next to yours. We first met in person on our Demonstrator Training Seminar. I was really excited that you were going to be there – I remember telling you and you responding ‘no pressure then’. You then had to wait till last to demonstrate, by which time you were bright red and shaking like a leaf. I, on the other hand, was as calm as can be
MM: hmmmmm, thanks for reminding me

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
KK: I like modelling and making ‘things’; shoes, animals, people. I also like airbrushing (though I’m not that good yet!) and painting on cakes and I’ve a passion for cake jewellery.

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?, FB at

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
KK:When we moved to Worcester in 1996 I was looking for a hobby. I tried flower arranging then the next year thought I’d do pottery but it was full so I did cake decorating instead. The rest, as they say, is history

MM: Where did you learn?
KK: I had a few lessons with a local tutor and demonstrator, Janet Melillo, and I’ve been on a few workshops but mainly I’m self taught. I’ve loads of books and I’ll just have a go – if it doesn’t work, try again.

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
KK: Well, I admire your work tremendously; it was very exciting at last year’s NEC to get a Gold in the same class as you. I’m a big fan of Jen Hook for her design and creativity, Rhianydd Easton’s modelling, Liz Finch’s style, the list goes on.
MM: That was a great exhibition, and I loved Rhianydd work at Squires this year.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
KK: I love demonstrating and talking about sugar; my son goes to school in September 2011 which should free up a bit of time enabling me to branch out, hopefully into workshops. I would like to be published at some point but I’m not sure I’m creative enough
MM: I’m sure you are, why not get in touch with the magazines and see if they’d welcome some of your design ideas for cakes?

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
KK: The best? Finished cakes, ready to go, happy customers, great feedback. The worst? The clearing up!

MM: So what competitions have you ever entered your work into, & how did you get on?
KK: Where do I start? Various awards culminating in Gold and Trophy and Silver at Cake International 2008, Gold and Trophy at Trowbridge 2009, Gold and Trophy and Silver at Cheltenham and Gloucester 2009, Gold (3rd, you were 2nd) and Merit at Cake International 2009. Coo, sounds good when it’s listed like that.

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
KK: I think the two most recognisable things I’ve done are ‘Horsy’ and the funky floral wedding cake. Horsy is based on one of DS’s toys and funky floral came from a birthday card so I’m inspired by lots of things, more than I could ever make into cakes unless I stopped sleeping.

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
KK: See as many demonstrations as you can, even if you think it’s not your thing. Think carefully about what you buy and practise, practise, practise getting a good covering on your cake

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
KK: One of the first cakes I made was for my BIL. He was joining the Navy so I made Popeye from one of Debbie Brown’s books. Being new, I didn’t put a long enough piece of spaghetti through the head and neck into the body and consequently, the head fell off. I tried to sugarglue it back on a couple of times but no luck. So in desperation, and knowing it wouldn’t be eaten as it wasn’t going to be out of my sight, I superglued the head on.
MM: Superglue!! And did that work????????????? hahahahahahaha

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Carnival Float

Think I may have gotten a we bit carried away with this one! I really enjoyed making it and although it's not as my origainal design (of which was a complete float) I think I actually like this better. The cake was ordered by the manager of 'The Swan Hotel' for one of her chef's who had worked for them for 20 years. They wanted to celebrate this with a cake but wanted it to reflect her interests of cycling to work everyday and her heavy involvement in the Carnivals.

If you've ever been to see one of the Carnivals in Somerset, you'll know the floats are HUGE!! and they have so many light bulbs that the heat just radiates off them, which is handy as they are held in November so you're nice and toasty as you watch them go by.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sea shells

Thought this turned out to be a pretty cake, Thanks to Karen @ FPC for the shell mould (yes I know, I cheated!!lol) but knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to spend on it so had to make the cake extremely simple. I marbled the paste for the shells then airbrushed them, airbrushed the cake then used buttercream coloured with sugarflair dark brown and melon for the "wet sand" and 50:50 biscuit & brown sugar for the dry sand. Then scratched the inscription into the sand and put a stick next to it (just incase it wasn't obvious what I did ???)

She seemed pleased, she's taken it to Cornwall now. It should've been tomorrows order but their travel plans changed (yesturday) and she needed the cake by 6pm today.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

"An Interview with.........Sarah Plumridge"

"An interview with............Sarah Plumridge"

MM: What names do you go by?
SP: Sarah Plumridge aka Twinplums on the BSG forum

MM: And your business name?
SP: I don’t have a business as just do it as a hobby

MM: What’s your location?
SP: Carterton, OXON UK

MM: Where did you first find me?
SP: I found you on the bsg forum after viewing the gold winning creation from the NEC in Nov 09. After viewing the cake, I clicked on the link for her website where I found the list of workshops that she runs. After a big nudge, my husband purchased me the workshops as a christmas present.

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
SP: I prefer doing novelty cakes at the moment. Whilst I love watching flowers being made, I just do not have the time to create such fabulous flowers as I would like to.

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?SP: I have a blog where I post all of my work

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
SP: I started with sugarcraft after being increasing frustrated in trying to get somebody to make a birthday cake for my twin boys. As their birthday is 3rd Jan, each year I struggled to find somebody to do it for me. Jan 09 I decided to decorate one myself. I got a plain iced cake from ASDA and decorated for the boys 10 pin bowling party and it was very successful. As I had got a kenwood chef for Christmas, I decided that I wouldn’t buy a ready made cake again and started to bake my own cakes in Feb 09.

MM: Where do you learn?
SP: I have been to a few classes at a shop in Swindon as a few in my home town. A attend a local sugarcraft club where they have monthly demos to watch and of course the workshops that my husband got me for Christmas. I also pick up a lot of tips from the BSG forum.

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
SP: Too many people to mention but I found them all on the BSG forum.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
SP: I would love to make a business out of cakes but I think that the profit margin is too little for the work involved. When I retire and receive my pension, perhaps it will be more feasible as a top up rather than a full on wage for me. If time permits, I would love to enter NEC 2010, but it may have to wait until 2011

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?
SP: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates?: My favourite part is putting the finishing touches to a cake and my least favourite is tidying up the kitchen after.

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
SP: I entered into the Cheltenham & Gloucester exhibition in Oct 09. The category was mini cakes so I decided to make a tea tray with a cup of tea, coffee, sugar bowl & milk jug. I got a bronze which I was quite chuffed with at a first attempt but more importantly picked up some valuable feedback from the judges. The worst criticism was that the marzipan & icing were too thick so you would get very little cake per bite.

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
SP: I do not have a signature style and I get all of my inspiration from the web.

MM: Have you ever experience different cake cultures outside of the UK?
SP: I took a fruit cake to Gran Canaria for my dad’s 70th birthday. The staff in the hotel were amazed at the sugarpaste as they had never seen it before. In fact the chef came out to try a piece of cake and to look at the cake covering. They were very impressed with my cake but felt the the heat of the canaries would make working with suarpaste a nightmare.

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
SP: Register at the BSG forum as it is a wealth of inspiration and helpful tips.

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you that you’d like to share? SP: The biggest stressful cake that I have done so far was a replica side drum from the queens regiment. If I did it today, I would still find it tricky but do things differently as I had only been sugarcrafting for 6 months when I was asked to do it. The lady had been let down by somebody else so I was her last resort. I gave it my best shot and was really pleased with it – other than spelling her husbands name wrong on the cake board. Even more stressful than making the cake was delivering it. It was very close to divorce as my husband seemed to find every pothole on the 19 mile journey. On arrival, the model fell over and his arms dropped off. With a quick repair in the lady’s kitchen using cocktails sticks, he was ready for the party.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

August East Midlands workshop subject confirmed!

After much interest in the Ragdolls being made available to do in a workshop I've decided to give them a go for the August East Midlands Workshop. Anyone interested in this workshop should get in touch ASAP as there are only 6 places for this one.

Price £50, secure your place with a deposit of £25 leaving £25 to pay on the day. Everthing's included except your lunch. So come play, talk and enjoy, sugar for a whole day with me :o)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Face Book and Video's

After the launch of my Face Book group 'Mystical Mischief's Mad House' I'm so very pleased to say that there's been lots of interest and new members, 120 to date in less then a week, I would never have thought it! There's plenty of interesting things going on there, register your vote on new projects in the pipe line, videos that are complete and are not in 2 parts making the viewing of them easier, and interviews with other sugarcrafters. These interviews will be removed from the Face book group and replaced with a new interview every 2 weeks, the old interview will then come here for safe keeping.

Also uploaded to the 'Mad house' is a new video "The fall of a rock star!" The second NEC cake from 2009 going to the gallows. Whilst my favourite cake gets dimantled I'll explain to you just what techniques I used to make the GOLD award winning cake, and hopefully give you a few tips and a little insight into how to construct something similar.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Face book friends

After a long debate I've finally made a face book group were we can hang out and drink cyber tea and eat plenty of cyber cake. Come join in and feel free to post any pictures of cakes that may have been Mischievously inspired, or if your stuck on a technique browse thorough the discussion board there maybe a tip to help you through ,if not then ask "How do I.........?"!/group.php?gid=114417181938411

Sunday, 13 June 2010

2 cakes from this week

The first cake is a 25th wedding anniversary for a couple that despite having completely different interests are still getting along great. He loves sports with cricket, golf, football and running being his favourite, she loves shopping, shoes and wine. They wanted a humorous cake that also acknowkledged the way they met, this being at a cricket match. So with all these elemants in mind and knowing that they'd like a modern/trendy cake, I double boarded it with the second board placed on a tilt using a wedge, and tried to incorporate the fact that it was a silver wedding anniversary by making a charm braclet of the interests. Was very pleased how this one turned out, it's just a shame you can't see the cake on it's tilt. Quite a large cake at 10" rd & 4" deep

The second cake is for a gentleman who loves his bowls, unussual dimentions 5" by 20" meant that a board had to be made especially for it, but other then that pretty straight forward.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Proud mum!

After a great holiday in Kent, I'm back home with my boys feeling extremely proud! On Saturday we visited the Rochester 'Dicken festival' in our re-enacting attire to join in the festivities. The boys looked fantastic, my hubby was made up to the nines including fake scars and dirt, and the young uns muckied and tied with string so's not to lose our valuables, after all a chimney sweep and burgular were very high commodities back in the day!! lol

Joel and hubby were asked to enter the 'Best Character' competition, so entered as Bill Sykes and Oliver Twist, and to our suprise won 1st prize!! Joel was thrilled as, in his words, doesn't win anything, awww.

The papers were also about covering the event and today the local rag had my youngest son Adam, and his best friend scarlet on the front cover, looking like butter wouldn't melt in there mouths. Adam was busting with pride, and had a grin on his face from ear to ear, and to be honest so do I, I'm so proud of them all!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pirate Island

I can't take the credit for this design as I was approached with a picture and a request for "a cake like that". So in all honesty the layout is the same as the photo given to me (sorry I don't know who's it was either, but credit were credits due, it was an excellent cake!). In all fairness it's not an exact copy and the model, tree's, boat and Octopus have all been done my way.

I made the model in what I call my 'monkey man' style, much quicker and easier then the 'eyes' models that I've become known for, as there's no drying time needed when working on them. I thought I'd introduce you to the little guys as it won't be long now till I've a treat in store for you that involves them, so keep your eye's peeled for that.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Adam's cake

I can't believe my youngest is now 6 years old!! He made me laugh when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he started to tell me exactly what his cake was to look like, I didn't mind too much as I knew exactly what cake to make then, but I really needed to know what present he wanted, lol.

So here it is, another dragon, a bit of a combination of his cake last year and the WoW cake i did a while back. I was pleased it survived as we spent the day with family at 'cadbury world' 2hrs away, then it got left in the car on what was one of the hottest days of the year! I was prepared though as I housed in a polystyrene box with ice packs, seemed to work a treat!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chocoholic Tennis Player

Well there's not been much caking lately, the bank holiday weekend was spent mostly stripping and tiling the bathroom, which then flowed into last week too. Then last weekend we went away re-enacting, which felt like a well earnt break. I don't know if I've mentioned before but my hubby is a member of a wild west town called Laredo. His building's the saloon there and we all join him occasionally to enjoy the 1870's. I'll have to see if I can dig out some photo's for you to see, only if you promise not to laugh at me in my victorian wear.

We nearly didn't get there at all as on the way we had a car accident. Miraculously everyone was ok and the car still ran with only minor damage to the bumper and number plate. Hubby was driving at the time so needless to say I took over and drove all the way there and back. Infact I've not got into the car with him since, baby steps I think with that one, lol. Actually it's probably more to do with the fact that he hurt his back on Monday at work and hasn't been able to drive since anyway, so I've had him for company (if you can call waiting on him and the smell of deep heat company) all week.

So after that eventful fortnight (we won't mention the DS1 trouble/progression, I'll save that one for a later date) I was back to caking on Tuesday. Demo and mini workshop last night at a wonderful BSG group in Yeovil, cake order for today, demo tomorrow at Trowbridge, and a workshop on Sunday. I definately feel I've jumped back in the deep end, and will be ready for another break soon.

So this cake is for a lady who loves playing tennis, stripy tops and CHOCOLATE!! So of course a chocolate cake, with maltesser balls and chocolate posts. The netting on the net and racket isn't edible, and of course the support sticks arnt but everything else is.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

North East Midlands Workshop

The date's now been set for the North East Midlands workshop, in Holmewood, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

11th August 2010 and the subject: Figure Modelling.

To register your interest please email me and I'll send you booking information and details of the final project when it's ready. There's only 6 places available for this workshop as the venue is smaller than the one I use in Somerset so get in quick if you want a place. Hope to see you soon!

Friday, 30 April 2010

2 completely different cakes

Both Chocolate cakes, but I don't think they could've been any more different if they'd tried. The first was for a gentlemen's 80th birthday, who originally started life in Penzance, Cornwall. His daughter wanted to reflect this and the fact that his favourite past-times were photography and hiking, with wine, whisky and the cornish flag thrown in too for good measure. So the photo's around the cake are representing a hiking route, with the starting point in Cornwall, going past 'St Micheals Mount' with the 'halfway point' being red wine. Then carrying on past the 'Minack theatre' and 'Cornish hills' till he gets to the finishing point were his whisky is waiting for him. All done in sepia to tye in the colours from the chocolate of the cake. I was really pleased with the end result.

The second cake was for a little boy who's 'YoJoJo' mad. Who?? you might ask, exactly, had to go google it myself too, especially when she also requested a Nara bug. You can tell when your kids are getting older, when you lose touch with the cbeebies characters. Anyway there was no-way I could do this one upright without making my life unnecessarily hard, so it had to be a laying down one. The only special request for this cake was that the Nara bug be flying on a wire, cute little thing I thought.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Joel with his cake

Phew he loves it! We went to pizza hut and the pictures with 2 of his friends tonight, who are still here having a sleep over. Not that much sleeping is being done, as I can still here them all now upstairs. Still it's all an adventure for them, it's the first sleepover Joels had and his friends have been on, so what the hell, let them enjoy it.

Joel named all the characters straight away and there were no complaints, which is brilliant as my darling is extremely critical when it comes to my cakes.

So all's well, I can put my feet up and have a drink, and prepare for doing it all again in 3 weeks for my second sweetheart, who'll be 6 and want's yet another dragon cake.

Hmmmm??? now how shall I do it this time? I'm starting to run out of ideas, although I'm quite sure that as long as it's blue I'm on a winner with this one, lol.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Joel's cake

I can't believe it's nearly been 9 years since I had my first child, how time has just flown. Those first couple of supermarket birthday cakes were to set the whole cake decorating ball rolling and on his 3rd birthday I took it all into my own hands and had a go myself. So nearly 6 years to the day I made my first cake, well to be honest I bought the cake, and carverd and decorated it (the making of cakes came later, lol).

After that initial cake I actually vowed never to do one again, as carving several rectangle cakes into 2 balls to make a dinosaur, wasn't the most easiest thing to do. I'm not suprised, now looking back just about everything I did was wrong and supermarket liquid colours just made life all the more harder!

But as the following year arrived, I just couldn't shake the bug and had to give it another go, and learning from the previous years mistakes I made a cake I was really happy with. I still couldn't bake and it was a little small to feed the 28 people that wanted a piece, so that was the turning point, learn to bake and open the flood gates to possibilities.......................

So After last years 'Gogo' cake and the 'Ben 10' cake the year before, I had quite a challege to top either of them.

I'm not blown away by this cake, but it's full of Joel's favourite characters from the games he plays on the PC. He spends a lot of his spare time on the PC and loves these kinda games were you have to find things to solve mysteries, so I thought this would be ideal. Although that said his interests change so fast it's very hard to keep up with his latest craze, so I'm hoping I've got this one right. Fingers crossed, he's getting it later.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sigh.........................The kids are back at school. I love them dearly but nothing runs smoothly and it's such a relieve to hear the peace and know I've got till 3pm to get all the days jobs done without interuption. I've got to give it to them though, they've been pretty good over the holidays, fight's and bickering down to an all-time minimal, and they seem to be actually communicating with each other, YAY it's only taken nearly 6 years!! lol.

So this week's plans are, a cake for Joel (Should be interesting as his interests are switching every 5 seconds and so will be a huge jumble of his favorites), a VW Campervan wedding cake (This one is a modern one, which is a first), 2 projects and 'The massive clean-up'. The house is a bombsite as I've been juggling so much that something had to give (no suprises there then, that it was the house work, lol)

We've also got a sleepover planned for Joels birthday Saturday night (another first) so that should be interesting. I'm hoping i can take them all for a movie, feed them pizza then lock them in the bedroom. Do you think that will work????

Well, I'd better get off and start the clean-up so it's all nice for cake making later in the week, wish me luck..................................

Friday, 16 April 2010

My favourite of this weeks cakes. There was so much information supplied with this cake that it was mind boggling. The list of interests included, self sufficency, pokamon, archery, cubs scouts, boxer dogs, acting the clown, world of warcraft, sims, singer, studying to be a writer.

Trying to fit 21 years into 1 cake, was tough.
Yay!! I did it! I've managed to re-vamp the site (although it's very much a work in progress) but the glitches have gone and I've even managed to sort out a long standing glitch that has been driving me barmy! I'm So pleased it's gone/going so well (now! lol) I don't think my body could take another night up till 3.30am!

Now back to cakes................................

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I've been tinkering on the website all evening (and into the wee hours), and have finally finished revamping it. I may still give it the odd tweak yet, and there's also an odd glitch that has given me 2 menu icons ???? hopefully 'the webhost techi's' will sort that one out for me as I've no clue how to solve it! lol.

Hope you like it, Personally I'm loving the delicously dark look, much more me.........

Now just this to sort out, so they match! Think that one will get done another day, my shoulders are killing and I need some kip, night x

Friday, 9 April 2010

A fun novelty cake made for a wedding, with the groom driving and the bride in the passengers seat. Easiest bride and groom yet!! lol

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

For a Chef who's leaving 'The Swan Hotel' were he works. This Hotel is lovely and really seem to look after there staff. It's the 3rd cake I've done for them now, all for their staff to enjoy. This man is a keen marathon runner and Arsenal supporter. I tried to create the illusion of the path ahead going off into the distance, with the signpost pointing to 'Pastures New'. With his chef clothes packed into his bag and his running kit on, he's reached a mile stone. The actual cake is an hexagonal cake, carved into a wonky cake to help essentuate the perspective illusion (Hopefully,lol).

Saturday, 3 April 2010

For a gentleman who's favourite past-times are taking his dog out for walks and supporting his favourite football club, Tottenhamhotspurs. He also worked for the RAF for many years and they wanted to acknowledge this in the design too.

What better design then one that takes his beloved dog into the skies in a spit fire, all dressed up ready to see the match.

I really enjoyed doing this cake and even though it's not technically corect (yes thank you OH for pointing out the fact that he wouldn't be able to fly a spitfire in such away! :roll:) I think it's got great character and I love it!! lol.......

Saturday, 27 March 2010

A take on a cake I did a few years back and have done workshops on. Slightly changed the design so it would travel better, not that I ever had any problems with the others but always had a nagging feeling that the stability could be improved. This one had 3 support rods and a stabalising rod through the centre, can't imagine it going anywhere! lol

The inscription I was given was such a long one that the tappits I would've normally used, were to big and I was all set to make Royal icing when I suddenly had the idea of the scroll, and printing it on rice paper.

Really pleased with how it all came together and even the little fairy isn't as scary as the last one I did! lol