Friday, 30 April 2010

2 completely different cakes

Both Chocolate cakes, but I don't think they could've been any more different if they'd tried. The first was for a gentlemen's 80th birthday, who originally started life in Penzance, Cornwall. His daughter wanted to reflect this and the fact that his favourite past-times were photography and hiking, with wine, whisky and the cornish flag thrown in too for good measure. So the photo's around the cake are representing a hiking route, with the starting point in Cornwall, going past 'St Micheals Mount' with the 'halfway point' being red wine. Then carrying on past the 'Minack theatre' and 'Cornish hills' till he gets to the finishing point were his whisky is waiting for him. All done in sepia to tye in the colours from the chocolate of the cake. I was really pleased with the end result.

The second cake was for a little boy who's 'YoJoJo' mad. Who?? you might ask, exactly, had to go google it myself too, especially when she also requested a Nara bug. You can tell when your kids are getting older, when you lose touch with the cbeebies characters. Anyway there was no-way I could do this one upright without making my life unnecessarily hard, so it had to be a laying down one. The only special request for this cake was that the Nara bug be flying on a wire, cute little thing I thought.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Joel with his cake

Phew he loves it! We went to pizza hut and the pictures with 2 of his friends tonight, who are still here having a sleep over. Not that much sleeping is being done, as I can still here them all now upstairs. Still it's all an adventure for them, it's the first sleepover Joels had and his friends have been on, so what the hell, let them enjoy it.

Joel named all the characters straight away and there were no complaints, which is brilliant as my darling is extremely critical when it comes to my cakes.

So all's well, I can put my feet up and have a drink, and prepare for doing it all again in 3 weeks for my second sweetheart, who'll be 6 and want's yet another dragon cake.

Hmmmm??? now how shall I do it this time? I'm starting to run out of ideas, although I'm quite sure that as long as it's blue I'm on a winner with this one, lol.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Joel's cake

I can't believe it's nearly been 9 years since I had my first child, how time has just flown. Those first couple of supermarket birthday cakes were to set the whole cake decorating ball rolling and on his 3rd birthday I took it all into my own hands and had a go myself. So nearly 6 years to the day I made my first cake, well to be honest I bought the cake, and carverd and decorated it (the making of cakes came later, lol).

After that initial cake I actually vowed never to do one again, as carving several rectangle cakes into 2 balls to make a dinosaur, wasn't the most easiest thing to do. I'm not suprised, now looking back just about everything I did was wrong and supermarket liquid colours just made life all the more harder!

But as the following year arrived, I just couldn't shake the bug and had to give it another go, and learning from the previous years mistakes I made a cake I was really happy with. I still couldn't bake and it was a little small to feed the 28 people that wanted a piece, so that was the turning point, learn to bake and open the flood gates to possibilities.......................

So After last years 'Gogo' cake and the 'Ben 10' cake the year before, I had quite a challege to top either of them.

I'm not blown away by this cake, but it's full of Joel's favourite characters from the games he plays on the PC. He spends a lot of his spare time on the PC and loves these kinda games were you have to find things to solve mysteries, so I thought this would be ideal. Although that said his interests change so fast it's very hard to keep up with his latest craze, so I'm hoping I've got this one right. Fingers crossed, he's getting it later.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Sigh.........................The kids are back at school. I love them dearly but nothing runs smoothly and it's such a relieve to hear the peace and know I've got till 3pm to get all the days jobs done without interuption. I've got to give it to them though, they've been pretty good over the holidays, fight's and bickering down to an all-time minimal, and they seem to be actually communicating with each other, YAY it's only taken nearly 6 years!! lol.

So this week's plans are, a cake for Joel (Should be interesting as his interests are switching every 5 seconds and so will be a huge jumble of his favorites), a VW Campervan wedding cake (This one is a modern one, which is a first), 2 projects and 'The massive clean-up'. The house is a bombsite as I've been juggling so much that something had to give (no suprises there then, that it was the house work, lol)

We've also got a sleepover planned for Joels birthday Saturday night (another first) so that should be interesting. I'm hoping i can take them all for a movie, feed them pizza then lock them in the bedroom. Do you think that will work????

Well, I'd better get off and start the clean-up so it's all nice for cake making later in the week, wish me luck..................................

Friday, 16 April 2010

My favourite of this weeks cakes. There was so much information supplied with this cake that it was mind boggling. The list of interests included, self sufficency, pokamon, archery, cubs scouts, boxer dogs, acting the clown, world of warcraft, sims, singer, studying to be a writer.

Trying to fit 21 years into 1 cake, was tough.
Yay!! I did it! I've managed to re-vamp the site (although it's very much a work in progress) but the glitches have gone and I've even managed to sort out a long standing glitch that has been driving me barmy! I'm So pleased it's gone/going so well (now! lol) I don't think my body could take another night up till 3.30am!

Now back to cakes................................

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I've been tinkering on the website all evening (and into the wee hours), and have finally finished revamping it. I may still give it the odd tweak yet, and there's also an odd glitch that has given me 2 menu icons ???? hopefully 'the webhost techi's' will sort that one out for me as I've no clue how to solve it! lol.

Hope you like it, Personally I'm loving the delicously dark look, much more me.........

Now just this to sort out, so they match! Think that one will get done another day, my shoulders are killing and I need some kip, night x

Friday, 9 April 2010

A fun novelty cake made for a wedding, with the groom driving and the bride in the passengers seat. Easiest bride and groom yet!! lol

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

For a Chef who's leaving 'The Swan Hotel' were he works. This Hotel is lovely and really seem to look after there staff. It's the 3rd cake I've done for them now, all for their staff to enjoy. This man is a keen marathon runner and Arsenal supporter. I tried to create the illusion of the path ahead going off into the distance, with the signpost pointing to 'Pastures New'. With his chef clothes packed into his bag and his running kit on, he's reached a mile stone. The actual cake is an hexagonal cake, carved into a wonky cake to help essentuate the perspective illusion (Hopefully,lol).

Saturday, 3 April 2010

For a gentleman who's favourite past-times are taking his dog out for walks and supporting his favourite football club, Tottenhamhotspurs. He also worked for the RAF for many years and they wanted to acknowledge this in the design too.

What better design then one that takes his beloved dog into the skies in a spit fire, all dressed up ready to see the match.

I really enjoyed doing this cake and even though it's not technically corect (yes thank you OH for pointing out the fact that he wouldn't be able to fly a spitfire in such away! :roll:) I think it's got great character and I love it!! lol.......