Friday, 26 February 2010

Hubby's 40th birthday tomorrow and it suddenly occured to me on wednesday that he might be expecting a cake! Well I was out of ideas for him as he has 2 main hobbies and I've done cakes in the past for him using these already. So I was stumped

Then I suddenly realised that because the cake had to be chocolate (his Fav) and quick, I thought I'd do a twist on the Maltesser cake. Must thank Tal for the inspiration too as I love her idea of the boy in the sweets cake.

Had too use finger biscuits in the end as they had no choc sticks, Ah well I'm not complaining, anythings better then eating sugarpaste, yuk!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I passed!!!

I had my second BSG demonstrator assessment last night with a lovely group in Droitwich, very nice group, and lots of fun.
At the end of the night my assessor came over to me and told me she'd enjoyed the demonstrationn very much and wanted to be the first to congratulate me on achieving the level of professionalism needed to become a BSG demonstrator!!! YEE-HAA!!!!

This week is turning into a great week, I'm so pleased!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Published Magazine article!!! YAY!!!

What a great suprise I had yesturday when my 'Cake Craft & Decoration' Magazine dropped to the floor with a thud. I wasn't quite expecting it to arrive yet, thought I had another week or 2 of waiting. A quick glance of the cover articles, told me all I needed to know,


March 2010 edition, page 48, 'Get Well Soon' cake, and the added bonus that the picture of me wasn't as horrific as I'd thought it would be (I maybe tall enough to be a model, but photogenic? Nah!!!! lol)

After all the hoo-ha we had with this cake I'm so pleased it turned out to be a cracker in the end!

Visit "Cake,Craft and Decoration" for more information

Inside information (if you're in need of a giggle, you'll like this)

Story goes: The lovely Bob (photographer) arrived at my house at about 10am. After assessing my workroom, the decision was quickly made that it wouldn't be large enough to accomadate us both, and all the equipment needed to photograph the projects. So we went downstairs and decided to set up on the breakfast bar in my kitchen. I was happy with that, although I did feel that probably my decision to close the door on that whole side of the house, and not tidy it, had probably not been a very wise one now.
So Bob set his equipment up and I'd brought my stuff down, or so I thought........
After about the 15th trip upstairs I was feeling quite fit, and Bob had gone past the appollogetic phase and had probably reached the "This woman must have the brain of a flea" stage, as I raced back upstairs for something else that I'd need from my workroom and had forgotten to bring down in one of my recent trips up there.
Finally after all the ups & down's (literally) we finished the 2 cakes. Bob took a quick picture of me, packed up his gear and went on his way.

He was long gone (the next day infact) when I was typing up the instructions to go with making the cakes, when suddenly it hit me that I'd toatally forgotten to put the bandage on the leg of the model! Argh!!
After a quick phonecall to Bob to confirm my fears, we arranged to meet at the NEC a month later, to pop the offending piece of paste onto her. Well as you can imagine, it was very busy at the NEC and as soon as Bob had finished photographing the exhibit's and competition pieces, we popped out the back, away from the hussle and bussle into the quiet of the carpark to start work. Not only did she need finishing, but she needed repairing too!! She'd fallen off, obviously were she'd had to travel straight away after making and had not had time to set. So a first for everyone, Bob, Julie the editor, Chris my friend (both might i add taking photo's of the strange cake making workshop, (the boot of Bob's car)) and me, all outside in the dizzling rain finding the whole situation extremely surreal and amussing.
I've not seen the photo's yet, but I'm sure at some point they will surface for us all to have a good chuckle at.

Then in January I get an email from Julie to say the picture that Bob took of me was not that good and would it be possible for me to send in another. No problem I thought, although I knew from past experience, the camera and I do not see eye to lense (grrrrr), and the chances of me getting a good photo were probably no better then Bobs! lol. Anyway hair up (never a nice look), white coat on (no chance of this complimenting my painfully pale skin either) and with the bedrooms beige wallpaper as my background, I was ready.
I'd put the camera on the tripod and set the timer, I knew from the start that the odds were against me as I raced around the bed, to sit on the chair, before the thing flashed me!!! So after 12 photo's and the 'losing the will to live' look, starting to show in my eye's, I decided that I'd see what they looked like close up, on the PC.
I managed to scrap 3 photo's together were I didn't have a mentally insane smile on my face, or looked miserable. Then cropped & edited them to death, so I didn't look sick, and sent them off to Julie with a note saying "I could try again if needed, as I knew I wasn't the most photogenic person on the planet" (understatement). The note came back thanking me, agreeing with me that they were'nt the best pictures but hopefully they would be able to use one of them! (splutter!!! lol, lol)

Well after all that, thank godness, all went well in the end and my ditzy distractable mind hasn't put Julie off from using my services again. The job got done and we've had a giggle, also lesson's have been learnt. "Have all your stuff ready downstairs in the kitchen, and not upstairs in the workroom" & "Don't let the photographer distract you"..........................

Monday, 8 February 2010

This little guy is the 'Character Modelling' Demostration piece that is doing the rounds with me at the moment, a happy little chap that is extremely adaptable to various occassions. At the moment he's being demostrated holding daffodils (as oppossed to the kite) for on coming mothers day's cake's.

Demonstration Schedual

See below if I'm going to be in your area demonstrating sugarcraft techniques.


2nd, 7.30pm (Tuesday) - Newbury BSG, The Parish Room, St Johns Church, St Johns Rd. Newbury. RG14 7BS. Subject: Character modelling

9th, 7.30pm (Tuesday) - Wychavon BSG, Droitwich Spa community hall, Heritage Way, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire. WR9 8RF. Subject: Character modelling

11th, 7.30pm (Thursday) - Swindon BSG, Moredon commmunity centre, The Street, Moredon, Swindon, Wiltshire. SN25 3ER. Subject: Character modelling

24th, 7.30pm (Wednesday) - Norton & Radstock sugarcraft group, Writhlington Village hall, Manor Rd., Writhlington. BA3 3LU. Subject: Character modelling


9th, 7.30pm (Tuesday) - Birmingham BSG, Erdington Methodist Church, Wesley Rd., Birmingham. B23 6TX. Subject: Character modelling


12th, 7.30pm (Wednesday) - Yeovil BSG, Holy Trinity Church, Lysander Road, Yeovil BA20 2bu. Subject: Character modelling

16th, 7.30pm (Friday) - Barry & Cardiff sugarcraft club, St Mary's Church hall, Old Port Rd., Wenvoe, Cardiff. CF5 6AN Subject: Character modelling


4th, 7.30pm (Wednesday) - Newcastle Under Lyme BSG, Wolstanton Methodist Church rooms, Grosvenor Place, Wolstanton. ST5 0HS. Subject: Character modelling

6th, 7.30pm (Friday) - Glossop BSG, Bradbury House, Market Street, Glossop, Derbyshire. SK13 6AR. Subject: Character modelling

13th, 7.30PM (Friday) - Nottingham BSG, Burton Joyce village hall, Trent Lane, Burton Joyce, Nottingham. NG14 5EY. Subject: Character modelling

28th, 2pm (Saturday) - Oxford sugarcraft group, Ducklington village hall, Oxford. OX29 7UX. Subject: Character modelling


7th, 7.30pm (Tuesday) - Gloucester BSG branch, Lysons Hall, St Swithins Lane, Hempsted, Gloucester. GL2 5LW Subject: Cake Sculpting


27th, 6.30pm (Wednesday) - St Francis of Assisi Church Hall, littlemoor, Weymouth. DT3 6SJ Subject: Cake Sculpting



27th, 7.30pm (Thursday) - Coronation Hall, Bleadon, Nr Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset BS24 0PG. Subject: Cake Sculpting


14th, 7.30pm (Monday) - Pill Methodist Church, Pill, Bristol, BS200ES
Subject: Character modelling

Would you like to book a demonsration for your group?

All demonstrations last 11/2 hours, and incorporate either cake sculpting or figure modelling. All you have to do is decide which you'd like to be seen demonstated at your group meeting, then call for availabiliy.

Shed builder

For a gentleman who builds sheds and enjoys his DIY, although apparently, at times, is not that good at it, lol. Also loves his pets, a yorkshire terrier, pursian cat and grey parrot.

Monday, 1 February 2010

There's still places left on the February workshop if anybody is interested in attending. Don't let the weather put you off, the hall has now got central heating, which is alot cosier then the old style heaters they were using ;o) lol.

February Workshop

Places still available!!

Don't let the weather put you off this oneday workshop. Lots of hints, tips, fun and laughter to be had.

Click here for more information