Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chocoholic Tennis Player

Well there's not been much caking lately, the bank holiday weekend was spent mostly stripping and tiling the bathroom, which then flowed into last week too. Then last weekend we went away re-enacting, which felt like a well earnt break. I don't know if I've mentioned before but my hubby is a member of a wild west town called Laredo. His building's the saloon there and we all join him occasionally to enjoy the 1870's. I'll have to see if I can dig out some photo's for you to see, only if you promise not to laugh at me in my victorian wear.

We nearly didn't get there at all as on the way we had a car accident. Miraculously everyone was ok and the car still ran with only minor damage to the bumper and number plate. Hubby was driving at the time so needless to say I took over and drove all the way there and back. Infact I've not got into the car with him since, baby steps I think with that one, lol. Actually it's probably more to do with the fact that he hurt his back on Monday at work and hasn't been able to drive since anyway, so I've had him for company (if you can call waiting on him and the smell of deep heat company) all week.

So after that eventful fortnight (we won't mention the DS1 trouble/progression, I'll save that one for a later date) I was back to caking on Tuesday. Demo and mini workshop last night at a wonderful BSG group in Yeovil, cake order for today, demo tomorrow at Trowbridge, and a workshop on Sunday. I definately feel I've jumped back in the deep end, and will be ready for another break soon.

So this cake is for a lady who loves playing tennis, stripy tops and CHOCOLATE!! So of course a chocolate cake, with maltesser balls and chocolate posts. The netting on the net and racket isn't edible, and of course the support sticks arnt but everything else is.

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