Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mother & Sons reunion

A freebie cake that I did for my sister. My BIL has never really known his mum, as she lost touch with him and his 2 brothers when he was 4yrs old.

He thought she'd probably died as his dad was quite old and they'd lost him a few years ago, but a few months back his nephew (who he didn't realise he had) contacted him on Facebook and he found his mum. They've talked on the phone and visited her once, but this week they came up to meet the rest of his family, so my sister asked me to do a cake.

Was a little tricky as BIL's brothers don't want anything to do with her so couldn't make any reference to them on the cake, so I came up with a kinda before and after theme of the 2 of them and made one of those heart necklaces that 2 people wear when they're appart, it reads "Love always"

Tried to give the models a 70's feel, but I'm not sure I pulled it off, shame you can't see their feet, she's got sandles and he's barefoot