Monday, 6 September 2010

"An Interview with.........Denise Banks"

“An interview with...........Denise Banks”

MM: What names do you go by?
DB: Denise banks aka Esmesmum MM: And your business name? DB: The Cake Bank

MM: What’s your location?
DB: Warrington area

MM: Where did we first meet?
DB: I met your lovely self via the BSG forum and then at Cake International in 2009

MM: What areas of sugarcraft interests you the most, do you specialise in any?
DB: I particularly enjoy modelling and making nice simply classical cakes.

MM: Where can we see examples of your work?
DB: You can see my work on my website or on my facebook pages.

MM: How long have you been involved with sugarcraft and what got you started?
DB: I have been doing sugarcraft since 2005 when I paid a ridiculous amount of money for Esmes christening cake. I realised that I could do better for a lot less too!

MM: Where did you learn?
DB: I am mostly self taught but have taken lessons from Windsorcake craft and of course the BSG forum/Bolton branch.

MM: Is there anyone that has been your inspiration?
DB: Inspiration, difficult one but I adore the work of Lorraine McKay and our very own Elaine.

MM: Where do you feel your love of the craft will lead you, have you any aspirations?
DB: I only started this to make my kids cakes but hope that one day I could be good enough to teach! Although, I do find myself looking at vacant premises and dreaming.........

MM: What’s your favourite and least favourite part of sugarcraft, do you have any pet hates? DB: I do not like doing carved cakes but am trying to get over that particular hurdle.

MM: Have you ever entered your work into any competitions, & if so how did you get on?
DB: Not plucked up the courage to enter competitions yet. Do you reckon I should???
MM: Er YES!!!

MM: Have you a signature cake/style and were do you get your design ideas from?
DB: I like to think that people are impressed with some of my modelling attempts. I do like to do classy uncluttered cakes too. Which are much more difficult than throwing flowers all over them!

MM: Have you any tips or advice that you think may come in handy to anyone who’s just starting to explore sugarcraft?
DB: My top tip would be to just have a go, you never know where it might lead you. Oh and buy ready cuttin liners from Lakeland - a god send

MM: Do you have any stories about sugarcraft that have stuck with you?
DB: Make sure that you cut your dowels/spaghetti to the right size for your figures or else they might pop through the heads just when you don't expect it!

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