Thursday, 9 September 2010

Elvis Presley

This week's been a busy week, I've had a dem and 3 cakes to do (still working on one), good job the kids are now back to school or I'd have been pulling my hair out!!

Design wise though, the first 2 cakes have been easy as one was yet another VW campervan (didn't take a finished picture) and the second was basically a copy of this Elvis cake . The lady literally presented me with the a print out of the flickr page and said she wanted that. So I looked up the picture and found that it was made by a lady that I'd spoken to previously, as she'd done a copy of my ben10 cake and I'd complemeted her on the likeness. So when I asked if it was ok to do it she was very happy for me to, I also found it funny that they're next to eachother on her flickr album (I know small things )

I didn't copy the model exactly and decided to do it my way, I think the fact that I'm not really an Elvis fan stopped me getting entusiastic about making him, and I found it hard to get motivated, and is probably why he's a slighty fat Elvis , then my PC broke and I couldn't do a print out of what he looked like so had to do it from memory, still not checked now

But once it was done I was so so pleased with him, and I must admit I was a little reluctant to part with him, which doesn't happen that often


  1. your cakes are fantastic, and really love the elvis. can you do a how to on the dragons or even a dvd ?

  2. Hiya Pearl
    Thankyou very much. I've decided to do a DVD on dragons, so hopefully it should be available to buy at somepoint next year :O)
    Elaine x