Sunday, 13 June 2010

2 cakes from this week

The first cake is a 25th wedding anniversary for a couple that despite having completely different interests are still getting along great. He loves sports with cricket, golf, football and running being his favourite, she loves shopping, shoes and wine. They wanted a humorous cake that also acknowkledged the way they met, this being at a cricket match. So with all these elemants in mind and knowing that they'd like a modern/trendy cake, I double boarded it with the second board placed on a tilt using a wedge, and tried to incorporate the fact that it was a silver wedding anniversary by making a charm braclet of the interests. Was very pleased how this one turned out, it's just a shame you can't see the cake on it's tilt. Quite a large cake at 10" rd & 4" deep

The second cake is for a gentleman who loves his bowls, unussual dimentions 5" by 20" meant that a board had to be made especially for it, but other then that pretty straight forward.

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