Monday, 7 June 2010

Proud mum!

After a great holiday in Kent, I'm back home with my boys feeling extremely proud! On Saturday we visited the Rochester 'Dicken festival' in our re-enacting attire to join in the festivities. The boys looked fantastic, my hubby was made up to the nines including fake scars and dirt, and the young uns muckied and tied with string so's not to lose our valuables, after all a chimney sweep and burgular were very high commodities back in the day!! lol

Joel and hubby were asked to enter the 'Best Character' competition, so entered as Bill Sykes and Oliver Twist, and to our suprise won 1st prize!! Joel was thrilled as, in his words, doesn't win anything, awww.

The papers were also about covering the event and today the local rag had my youngest son Adam, and his best friend scarlet on the front cover, looking like butter wouldn't melt in there mouths. Adam was busting with pride, and had a grin on his face from ear to ear, and to be honest so do I, I'm so proud of them all!

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