Saturday, 24 April 2010

Joel's cake

I can't believe it's nearly been 9 years since I had my first child, how time has just flown. Those first couple of supermarket birthday cakes were to set the whole cake decorating ball rolling and on his 3rd birthday I took it all into my own hands and had a go myself. So nearly 6 years to the day I made my first cake, well to be honest I bought the cake, and carverd and decorated it (the making of cakes came later, lol).

After that initial cake I actually vowed never to do one again, as carving several rectangle cakes into 2 balls to make a dinosaur, wasn't the most easiest thing to do. I'm not suprised, now looking back just about everything I did was wrong and supermarket liquid colours just made life all the more harder!

But as the following year arrived, I just couldn't shake the bug and had to give it another go, and learning from the previous years mistakes I made a cake I was really happy with. I still couldn't bake and it was a little small to feed the 28 people that wanted a piece, so that was the turning point, learn to bake and open the flood gates to possibilities.......................

So After last years 'Gogo' cake and the 'Ben 10' cake the year before, I had quite a challege to top either of them.

I'm not blown away by this cake, but it's full of Joel's favourite characters from the games he plays on the PC. He spends a lot of his spare time on the PC and loves these kinda games were you have to find things to solve mysteries, so I thought this would be ideal. Although that said his interests change so fast it's very hard to keep up with his latest craze, so I'm hoping I've got this one right. Fingers crossed, he's getting it later.

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