Monday, 19 April 2010

Sigh.........................The kids are back at school. I love them dearly but nothing runs smoothly and it's such a relieve to hear the peace and know I've got till 3pm to get all the days jobs done without interuption. I've got to give it to them though, they've been pretty good over the holidays, fight's and bickering down to an all-time minimal, and they seem to be actually communicating with each other, YAY it's only taken nearly 6 years!! lol.

So this week's plans are, a cake for Joel (Should be interesting as his interests are switching every 5 seconds and so will be a huge jumble of his favorites), a VW Campervan wedding cake (This one is a modern one, which is a first), 2 projects and 'The massive clean-up'. The house is a bombsite as I've been juggling so much that something had to give (no suprises there then, that it was the house work, lol)

We've also got a sleepover planned for Joels birthday Saturday night (another first) so that should be interesting. I'm hoping i can take them all for a movie, feed them pizza then lock them in the bedroom. Do you think that will work????

Well, I'd better get off and start the clean-up so it's all nice for cake making later in the week, wish me luck..................................

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