Sunday, 25 April 2010

Joel with his cake

Phew he loves it! We went to pizza hut and the pictures with 2 of his friends tonight, who are still here having a sleep over. Not that much sleeping is being done, as I can still here them all now upstairs. Still it's all an adventure for them, it's the first sleepover Joels had and his friends have been on, so what the hell, let them enjoy it.

Joel named all the characters straight away and there were no complaints, which is brilliant as my darling is extremely critical when it comes to my cakes.

So all's well, I can put my feet up and have a drink, and prepare for doing it all again in 3 weeks for my second sweetheart, who'll be 6 and want's yet another dragon cake.

Hmmmm??? now how shall I do it this time? I'm starting to run out of ideas, although I'm quite sure that as long as it's blue I'm on a winner with this one, lol.

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