Friday, 30 April 2010

2 completely different cakes

Both Chocolate cakes, but I don't think they could've been any more different if they'd tried. The first was for a gentlemen's 80th birthday, who originally started life in Penzance, Cornwall. His daughter wanted to reflect this and the fact that his favourite past-times were photography and hiking, with wine, whisky and the cornish flag thrown in too for good measure. So the photo's around the cake are representing a hiking route, with the starting point in Cornwall, going past 'St Micheals Mount' with the 'halfway point' being red wine. Then carrying on past the 'Minack theatre' and 'Cornish hills' till he gets to the finishing point were his whisky is waiting for him. All done in sepia to tye in the colours from the chocolate of the cake. I was really pleased with the end result.

The second cake was for a little boy who's 'YoJoJo' mad. Who?? you might ask, exactly, had to go google it myself too, especially when she also requested a Nara bug. You can tell when your kids are getting older, when you lose touch with the cbeebies characters. Anyway there was no-way I could do this one upright without making my life unnecessarily hard, so it had to be a laying down one. The only special request for this cake was that the Nara bug be flying on a wire, cute little thing I thought.

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